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Surprise Magazine feature 2022: How did these nails get published with a spotlight interview?

I remember it like it was yesterday. In January 2022, after a devastating past few years, I lost my confidence and lost my mojo for doing nails after the on and off lockdowns. Besides this, the light of hope and positivity continued to shine.

When I think about it, it was probably the toughest time I had ever experienced as a nail artist. I struggled to find motivation, my brain just felt all 'fuzzy' - do you know the feeling? It's like there was no passion to create, even though art is embedded deep in my soul from drawing, painting and creating as a child.

It's funny, because I actually forced myself to go into the salon on the day the set was created. With no plans for any design, I just sat at my nail desk with a collection of colours, glitters, and nail products staring at me... Until I eventually picked up my art brush, and begin to paint. It's still a shock that the nails I created on this day, catapulted me to one of the proudest moments of my nail career!

In this article, I'll share just a few tips on how to get your mojo back, and place yourself in a position to get noticed online.


Practising your nail skills and talents is how you gradually become better at doing nails. Once

you start to work on perfecting your more refined skills, such as linework, prep work, shaping,

application, you'll slowly see the rest of your talents grow. Every step is progress.

2. Persistance:

When you lose your passion for creativity or doing nails, it's often hard to keep going.

But when you really focus on producting anything, your natural spark will begin to reignite


3. Put Yourself Out There:

As an introvert, it's easy to shy away from communication when you're feeling a little down,

overwhelmed or anxious. But reaching out to others is the best way to improve your

motivation. When you do a set of nails, and post on social media, tag well known nail &

beauth industry magazines. These are the likes of Scratch, Cosmopolitian, Vogue, or any

other accounts you are inspired by. You may also get yourself a surprise feature!

Magazine Feature: Final Thoughts

Yes, it's still a complete shock, considering at the time inspiration and motivation was at it's lowest. But, it's been a dream from the beginning of my nail journey to get featured in such a popular and supportive nail industry magazine!

These types of surprises are always that little reminder to always dream big, keep believing in yourself and never, ever give up! Maybe you've lost confidence in your work or had a moment where you thought you just feel that you're not good enough - STOP! Just keep believing, keep pushing forward and always believe in yourself!

In the interview, you'll find out more about my journey, the training academy & what inspired the most favourite nail art designs! Check out the full feature here, so excited to share with you!

Feel free to like, share or leave a comment.

Love you all,

Kerrie | Nzuri Nails & Academy



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