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3 common nail art pricing mistakes Beginners make & how to avoid them

Hey there, fellow nail enthusiasts! If you're diving into the captivating world of nail art, you've likely found yourself in the delightful yet confusing realm of pricing your creativity.

If you're anything like I was when I first started on this nail art journey, pricing your work can be a bit of a puzzle. I get it – we love what we do, and sometimes it feels wrong to put a hefty price tag on our passion. But trust me, avoiding common pricing mistakes is crucial for your growth as a nail professional.

Let me share some valuable lessons I've learned along this nail art journey. 🥰.

Mistake 1: Undervaluing Your Time and Talent

One of the most significant traps I fell into was undervaluing the time and effort I put into creating intricate nail art. It's easy to underestimate the hours spent perfecting a design, practicing new techniques, and honing your craft. Back then, I charged peanuts, thinking it was the only way to attract clients, even though I had invested heavily in my training. I trained with the best in the industry - Kirsty Meakin, Katie Barnes, and Keiko Venner, but it was still part of an overall mindset of low value.

Here's the thing: once you realise how precious your time and skills are, especially when you put in so many hours to perfect your art, that deserves fair compensation. Besides, many of those ‘Instagram style’ nail designs take hours; often the art takes longer than building the base layer of your nails!

It took me a while to notice how much charging too little not only hurt my bank account but, my passion for creating nail art quickly went away. I began not enjoying nail art at all, and became pretty burnt out, which was totaly not sustainable.

How to Avoid This:

  • Calculate your hourly rate by considering not just the time spent on a specific set but also the ongoing education and practice you invest in to stay on top of trends.

  • Factor in the cost of quality materials you use – your clients deserve the best, and you deserve to be compensated for it.

Common nail art pricing mistakes as a beginner professional nail technician

Mistake 2: Lacking Confidence in Your Skill Set

As a beginner, feeling doubt can rear its ugly head, making you believe that you’re not truly worth the prices you want to charge. I vividly remember feeling this way – questioning whether my skills were as good as other artists in the nail industry. I started out thinking I wasn't good enough to charge a premium.

But let me tell you, confidence is key. The more confident you are in your abilities, the more your clients will value your work. When I began to truly believe in my artistry, my clients noticed, and they were willing to pay for the quality and creativity I brought to the table.

How to Avoid It:

  • Showcase your skills through a stunning portfolio. High-quality photos of your work speak volumes and build trust with potential clients.

  • Keep learning and growing. Attend training sessions, workshops, learn new nail art techniques, and stay updated on the latest trends. Confidence comes with competence in your unique skills.

A quote for nails artist pricing what clients pay

Mistake 3: Believing Nails Can't Be Premium

This one's a biggie. As nail artists, it's common to think that our work isn't as "serious" as other beauty services, and therefore, we think they shouldn't be charged as a premium. I fell into this mindset, offering discounts on nail art, and other offers to try and stay competitive.

But let me tell you, nails are absolutely a premium service, just like eyebrows, lashes, lace-front wigs; you get my point! Your clients are not just paying for a set of nails; they're paying for you as an artist, to create a masterpiece on their nails. In addition to investing in your skills, experience, creativity, and the confidence that comes with rocking a new set of beautifully crafted nails.

How to Avoid This:

  • Understand your unique value proposition. What sets you apart from others in the industry? Highlight these points when communicating with clients.

  • Educate your clients on the quality of your materials, the precision of your work, and the overall experience they'll receive. When they see the value, they'll be more willing to pay a premium.

A quote to value your nail art skills and value to charge nails as a premium

Final Thoughts: Bold Pricing = More Balance

Breaking free from pricing mistakes took time. But once I did, my passion for nail art was reignited, and my business flourished. I reconnected with my love for nail art, and now create the most amazing designs! It’s funny to think that the first set created after regaining my passion, was featured in Scratch Magazine - which is a reminder that you create your best work when you’re energised and inspired!

Since charging properly, and as a premium, I attract clients who value my work, willing to pay (my minimum base prices start from £65+), and have been able to invest more in my ongoing education and quality, professional materials.

So, nail artists, if you’re currently navigating this road of pricing, please don't make the same mistakes I did. Value your time, believe in your skills, and embrace the idea that nails can absolutely be a premium service.

For those curious about charging correctly, there's more in my "Nail Art: Pricing to Perfection e-book.", to gain pricing and mindset strategies to charge nails as an artist, and at a premium. You've worked hard to get to where you are, and you deserve to be compensated accordingly.

Trust me; your clients will thank you for it. Happy nail artistry!

Love you all,

Kerrie | Nzuri Nails & Academy

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