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Is Nail Art expensive? Here's 3 reasons why some nail designs end up costing more.

It is one thing to choose nail art, but it's another thing to know the price.

Nails are no longer just nails. When you are planning your new mani, deciding on your nail art is the most important part for some - it's like the canvas for new designs and trends, and a form of self-expression to make your feel beautiful.

The entire nail industry evolves around nail art, which means everything from the trendy, classic or colourful sets make even the wildest nail dreams come true.

But how much does it cost for a set of nails with art?

You know what it's like, you see the cutest set of handpainted nails while scrolling through your Insta feed, and now you're 100% sure you want that design on your next nail appointment. Here, we'll cover the cost of different styles of nails and what factors can affect the price.


Now the reality is nail art does not come naturally for some, which means the price of a nail design is often linked directly related to the skill level needed to create them. It can take years of learning the techniques for some of the most advanced techniques. The more intricate the design, and the greater your experience level with this type of work, the higher your price will be.

Nail art is not something that anyone can just pick up and do. It was around 4 years ago, after wanting to focus on nail art, I decided to learn more. I attended an exclusive nail Bootcamp with award-winning nail artist & judge, Kirsty Meakin costing over £2k, for a chance to improve my skills in designs by learning the best techniques in the trade. When it comes to mastering your talents, it can be an expensive game to keep learning new skills.

Although there are so many ways to increase skills as a nail tech, it often means completing further courses and training to refine even the most straightforward types of artistry. More often than not, new training, increasing skills and perfecting nail designs is something that takes a great level of investment to fully master your craft.cting nail designs is something that takes a great level of investment to fully master your craft.


If you're looking for a more intricate design, then naturally you should expect to pay more. When nail art is created with detailed patterns it is much harder to do than simple designs. It also takes ALOT more time and products to curate those cute nail styles as an artist

If you are having any form of nail art, then many extra products are used to be able to create designs with the colours and styles your heart desires. For a standard set of nails, there are your usual nail preparation products, the gel or acrylic that is applied, then gel polish on the top, and THEN the nail art products. These can vary from a few extra colours of gel to the ultimate crystal bling nails. For the heavily detailed designs, anything from 3-10 colours can be used just to achieve the style of nail art.

When your nails have the correct nail preparation, using the most premium products, then the time spent to customise your nails without the rush (that all look great after 3+ weeks of wear!), this can often play a part in the cost of your nails. The good thing is there are always other options, like having less or no nail art if the cost does sound a little too much so the decision is completely yours - simple nails can look just as cute!


So, the first thing to keep in mind when looking at nail art is that it includes more than just the application of gel polish on top. If you are having nail art applied, then it takes an extra amount of time to finish the design. This can mean that your appointment might be longer than usual because of the level of detail in each design.

How long do you think a heavily detailed set of nails can take? Honestly, they can be anything from 2 to 5 hours depending on the type of design. Each nail can take anything from 5 minutes to 30 minutes to do, so when you consider doing this on all 10 nails, it can be exhausting to the point that you end up with a headache when your brain feels 'frazzled'.

With many of the trending nail art designs you see all over Insta and Pinterest, they take TIME. It can be hard to work out how long a design will take just by looking at a picture. But once you begin to notice how many layers of art are on each nail, you can start to estimate how many times the nail will need to go into the lamp to be cured, before the new layer is applied. Although this is always a rough guess, rather than an exact time - nail designs can sometimes take a lot longer than first predicted.

On that note, hopefully this information helps you understand why nail art costs more than a standard manicure. If you have any questions or would like to know more about our services, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Love you all,

Kerrie | Nzuri Nails & Academy

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