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The best ways to grow your nails faster, longer & stronger

Growing natural nails

So you want those perfectly healthy nails, BUT at the moment your nails are splitting, breaking, weak, are have been overfiled or damaged due to incorrect removal... Let’s help you get your nails to grow back in good condition!

I often so many questions about natural nails especially keeping them healthy and free from breakages, to help them grow longer and stronger. One of the most important things to remember is nail health is wealth! Your nail condition is usually one of the first tell tale signs of your physical health, so how you treat your nails and your overall lifestyle will determine how fast and healthy your nails will grow.

1. DIET: The food you eat is so important when trying to grow longer nails. A good intake of water plus healthy mix of proteins, vitamins and minerals will give you the best start to more healthy nails. Some of the best foods include those rich is nutrients such as leafy green vegetables, fruits, whole nuts, eggs, chicken and salmon, which help to promote nail growth.

2. DAILY & AFTER CARE: Following a good daily routine of 'moisture & massage' can help to stimulate the blood flow to help improve growth. This means using massaging cuticle oil around the base of your nail daily, this can give you more glowing skin and nails. The best cuticle oil recommended for nourished and healthy skin is the Famous Names Organic Dadi Oil.

Other daily care routines including treating your nails as jewels when at home will help prevent any dryness or early breaking, this includes wearing gloves when washing dishes & not using your nails to pick off sticky labels etc. Most importantly, following any recommended aftercare (following nail services) is just as important to maintain the greatest nail health possible.

3. TREATMENTS: So you know about keratin hair treatments right? Well, there are keratin-based treatments for your nails too! Nail treatments such as IBX can help to transform weak, damaged nails, or can be used as a regular nail maintenance routine!

Giving your nails regular nail treatments (which is recommended every 2-4 weeks depending on the condition of your nails) can help penetrate deep inside each nail to fuse together each layer, leaving you guaranteed to enjoy super strong & healthier growth almost instantly!

4. PROTECTION: Once you've covered all the basics i.e. diet, daily care, etc. You can consider a protective nail coating such as a Gel Polish treatment, which will cover the surface of your nails with a clear or colour gel to protect each nail by reducing any damage to the nail layers caused by everyday activities. This treatment lasts between 3-4 weeks and will need to be removed professionally each time for reapplication or to be left natural & free from any products.

5. EXTRA STRENGTH: If protection on its own is not enough, you can choose to add extra strength with a nail overlay using BIAB gel (Builder In A Bottle) for shorter nails or Hard Gel for longer natural nails.

For the greatest level of protection & strength, layers of BIAB gel can be applied thinly or built up using multiple layers, to help reduce any chance of nail breakages. Using BIAB can also work really well to camouflage or hide any discolouration on the nail bed, and is also a long-lasting treatment since they last for up to 4 weeks until infills are required.

With a mixture of one or more of these methods, you'll be well on the way to reducing breaking & achieve your natural nail goals. Remember, individual nail growth will be different from one person to the next so it is important to bear this in mind when checking your growth progress. As a nail professional dedicated to nail care & nail growth, the ultimate health of your natural nails is always the main focus.

You can check out the range of natural nail services available, or feel free to get in touch to discuss your nail care needs. Alternatively, feel free to like, share and/or leave a comment :).

Speak again soon,

Kerrie | Nzuri Nails & Academy



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