The 5 best reasons to get sculpted nail extensions

Updated: Jun 2

Sculpted (also known as sculptured) nails are the perfect option for a custom set of nail extensions. The sculpting method uses advanced nail techniques to create Acrylic or Gel nails, built to match the shape of your own natural nails.

During the sculpting process, instead of a plastic tip glued onto your nails, a sticky paper foil form is attached to your finger. Once the form is secure, acrylic or gel is used to build the tip of the extensions to the desired length and shape, before fully creating the final structure of the nail.

Some simple benefits of sculpting include:

✔️ Compliments the natural shape of your nails

✔️ A lighter feel when compared to plastic tips

✔️ Stronger, better structure & long-lasting

When I first learnt to do extensions, I was originally taught using tips (before training further in nail sculpting). As I'm more of a 'hands on' person, the sculpting method came more naturally, which is also better for the clients as there's no cutting down, blending or shaping the individual plastic tips!

There are 2 main types of forms that give the best finish when creating nails, for shorter almond or coffin nails, these nail forms are much better to use, but for th signatur