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The 5 best reasons to get sculpted nail extensions

Sculpted (also known as sculptured) nails are the perfect option for a custom set of nail extensions. The sculpting method uses advanced nail techniques to create Acrylic or Gel nails, built to match the shape of your own natural nails.

During the sculpting process, instead of a plastic tip glued onto your nails, a sticky paper foil form is attached to your finger. Once the form is secure, acrylic or gel is used to build the tip of the extensions to the desired length and shape, before fully creating the final structure of the nail.

Some simple benefits of sculpting include:

✔️ Compliments the natural shape of your nails

✔️ A lighter feel when compared to plastic tips

✔️ Stronger, better structure & long-lasting

When I first learnt to do extensions, I was originally taught using tips (before training further in nail sculpting). As I'm more of a 'hands on' person, the sculpting method came more naturally, which is also better for the clients as there's no cutting down, blending or shaping the individual plastic tips!

There are 2 main types of forms that give the best finish when creating nails, for shorter almond or coffin nails, these nail forms are much better to use, but for th signature "super stilettos" and more extreme length nails, I find these longer forms best. So, now you know some of the benefits of sculpting, how do they actually benefit nails?

1. No plastic tips added: Sculpted extensions are created using only acrylic or gel products which means absolutely NO plastic tips are glued to your nails beforehand. This is perfect if you have previously had your nails fall off quickly due to tips not being correctly applied; this is also a better option if you are allergic to any of the chemicals within the glue used (to stick on tips).

Sculpted nails are also easier to remove since all of the nail is made from one complete product (acrylic if gel), rather than having to remove the product, then the stuck on tips.

2. Can be made to any length or shape: If you love the idea of having different nail shapes, then sculpted nails can be custom created to ANY shape you choose. Whether you prefer your classy coffin nails, super-sharp stiletto's or beautiful ballerina nails, the forms can be tweaked to help create that dream nail shape. As well as this, the length of nails can be customised to create anything from a natural short nail to extra-long sets without the need to mess about with plastic tips (or be sticking 2 or 3 tips together to create longer lengths!).

3. Perfect for short nails (including nail biters): Short nails, including bitten nails, can often be more challenging to create extensions with tips since nail beds are flatter (and sometimes wider) and the curve of plastic tips doesn't tend to fit well. By customising nails using forms, you can achieve a natural looking set even with the shortest or most bitten nails - giving a better and more pleasing look without anymore hiding away!

4. Can be used to correct or repair nails: For irregular nail shaping such as nails that slope upwards or downwards, or simple short or broken nails, sculpting can be used to correct nails. This type of application is a reconstruction of nails for an undetectable, improved natural look and finish. Using a choice of different acrylic powders or natural cover pink gels, you can hide any nail imperfections - perfect if you want to completely transform your nails.

5. Offers more freedom with design: Sculpting gives so much more options when it comes to nail art and designs. By adding colours, glitter or encapsulated nail art designs (built inside each nail), you can create a more customised and bespoke look. As there are no plastic tips glued onto the nails, they are built thinner with less bulk on the nails, even after nail art is applied.

Although using nail tips is still a really great way to lengthen nails, nail sculpting gives customised nail extensions which are tailor-made to match the shape of natural nails. This type of personalised, bespoke nail shaping is not usually available in a non-standard or less than average nail salon.



A full set of sculpted extensions is available to book if you're wanting the totally tailored nails - that are 100% customised to you! Just choose the option when booking online. If you've always had your nail tips glue on at other salons - you really won't be disappointed.

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Love you all,

Kerrie | Nzuri Nails & Academy



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